On sales, reach and engagement

It’s been a bit of a weird week for me sales wise. After being included in a tiktok highlighting “two player games that will fuck you up” I’ve seen a massive boost in sales of Signal to Noise. Right now, a little over a week later, I’ve had 18 sales of the game on itch and another 25 on drivethruRPG. I’ve also received 3 direct sales on Etsy for the game in print and I hope that Peregrine Coast Press and IPR, who stock the game, have also received orders for it. Some of those orders included other games but the vast majority didn’t.

43 digital sales in a week is, frankly, a bloody amazing boost. It’s the sort of numbers that I’d normally need six months to a year to make. If I’m lucky. Many of my releases reach only a fraction of that after their initial release. That’s why it’s also a little frustrating, because it just goes to show that my games will sell if I could get them in front of a wider audience.

I’ve seen the same with IPR – thanks to their network of partner stores and attendance at US conventions they’ve sold 70+ copies of Signal to Noise. That’s almost twice what I was able to achieve during the initial crowdfunding! I’ve posted before about trying to boost my online presence but honestly, at this point I just don’t know how, especially as I regularly hear from others with established audiences that the online engagement (especially twitter) has dropped off a cliff.

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