Project Cassandra is a tabletop RPG of the Cold War, of secret government projects and the search for super-powered individuals by those on both sides of the Iron Curtain. It tells the tale of a classified research project into precognition that not only succeeded but predicted a cataclysmic event that could upset the delicate balance of power between East and West. Hindered by government bureaucracy and the machinations of a global conspiracy the subjects of Project Cassandra take it upon themselves to prevent the world from descending into nuclear Armageddon.

The Precognition Engine that powers Project Cassandra places the psychic abilities front and centre – from detailing scene details in advance to assigning skill ranks as fate determines they are important and manipulating probability to tip the odds in your favour. Included in the game you will find two missions – Ich bin ein Berliner and The Dark of the Moon, inspired by events of the Cold War and five sample characters, allow you and your agents to dive straight into the action.

Project Cassandra is available in print from:
IglooTree, Indie Press Revolution and from the LunarShadow Designs Etsy store.

The game can be purchased digitally on drivethruRPG and

Continue the story in The Ajax Stratagem, a trilogy of missions set during the 1980s inspired by real world events at the tail end of the Cold War. Available on drivethruRPG and