It has been generations since humanity discovered the Signal and the mega-structures in orbit around Tau Ceti. They built the Generation Fleet, sending their best and brightest on the long voyage to the distant star. When their descendents arrived they discovered the impossible, thousands of artificial satellites and vast Habitats spread across the system. But the mysterious intelligences who built them were missing and the Earth had long ago fallen silent. So they spread out across the system, populating the Arrays and the Habitats. Seeking places to call home and an answer to the mysteries of Tau Ceti.

This is the Dyson Eclipse – a developing space opera setting revealed one story at a time through a series of interconnected games, adventures and stories.


Signal to Noise – Signal to Noise is a bittersweet interstellar epistolary game for 2 players, played out one message at a time over email. It is a Prelude to the Dyson Eclipse and tells the story of a member of the Generation Fleet and those they left behind.

Available from drivethruRPG,, Peregrine Coast Press, Indie Press Revolution and the LunarShadow Designs Etsy store.

Rock Hoppers – You are a Rock Hopper. One part prospector, one part salvager, all parts explorer. A cave-in has trapped you deep below the surface of an isolated asteroid. Will you escape alive and what will you make of the secret at its heart in this solo journaling RPG built on the Wretched & Alone SRD.

Available from drivethruRPG,, Peregrine Coast Press and the LunarShadow Designs Etsy store.

The Kandhara Contraband – A system agnostic adventure that tasks your crew with retrieving some cargo for the head of the Jitana crime syndicate. It’s easy money, so what’s the catch?

Available from drivethruRPG, and the LunarShadow Designs Etsy store.

In Development

Hopes and Dreams of the Orbital Bound – A slice of life RPG about the everyday citizens of Tau Ceti and their lives aboard the gigantic alien Habitats.