• Con Report: UK Games Expo 2023

    Con Report: UK Games Expo 2023

    Games Expo is, by far, the biggest annual gaming event in the UK. With an estimated 32,000 unique attendees this year there’s simply nothing that comes close. Having slowly built up my attendance over the last few years I decided to go for the full, 3 day experience this year. That gave me time to… Read more

  • On sales, reach and engagement

    It’s been a bit of a weird week for me sales wise. After being included in a tiktok highlighting “two player games that will fuck you up” I’ve seen a massive boost in sales of Signal to Noise. Right now, a little over a week later, I’ve had 18 sales of the game on itch… Read more

  • On Earnings

    It’s mid April which means that another tax year has come and gone. While it will probably be months before I file my taxes I’ve been looking over my gaming income from the year and it looks like I made a total profit of… £177 which really isn’t much, especially when you consider my profit… Read more

  • What is the Dyson Eclipse?

    In typical fashion I’ve once again neglected the blog and entirely missed mentioning that my latest crowdfunding campaign is currently running on Kickstarter as part of Zine Quest and comes to a close this Saturday! Hopes and Dreams of the Orbital Bound is a slice of life sci-fi RPG about normal everyday life when you… Read more

  • Year in Review 2022: Publishing

    In part 1 of the review I presented some raw numbers from another year of publishing, in this (rather late) post I want to add some context but first some summary stats. Compared to 2021 my total 2022 income was down, from £2362.41 to £2379.94 while my costs went up significantly. As a result I… Read more

  • Year in Review 2022: Sales

    For this first year in review post I want to talk solely about sales numbers. As I’ve stated repeatedly I think it’s important to get these values out there for others to see as most of the time when people do feel like posting them it’s because they’ve done really well. I want to show… Read more