• Signal to Noise retrospective 2: Post fulfilment

    Back in March, I did an initial retrospective on my ZiMo campaign for Signal to Noise but now that I’ve completed the fulfilment of the game I wanted to revisit those thoughts and look at my options for the future. I’m also going to pull together final spending for a subsequent post as I like… Read more

  • Quick Review: Umbra

    What is it? A solo mapping game that sees you create a new colony on a remote planet. Building the colony one room at a time you will explore the strange new world and survive relentless attacks as you attempt to unearth the fabled Reapers Gambit. Who is it by? Anna Blackwell, a Glasgow based… Read more

  • Rambling: Thoughts on crowdfunding and putting together your first campaign

    Like it or not crowdfunding is now a central component of producing an RPG, especially if you are aiming to produce a physical product. When Matthew from the Effekt Podcast interviewed me at the start of 2022 to promote Signal to Noise we talked about sitting down after the game was out to discuss what… Read more

  • Review: Flare Audio Calmer earbuds

    Looking back it’s quite easy to see how poorly I have dealt with auditory processing throughout my life, whether it be my tendancy to hyperfocus on particular sources or general dislike of crowds. At one extreme there are times where if I’m focused on the audio from a TV I won’t process the words of… Read more

  • Quick Review: Love & Barbed Wire

    Who is it by? Alex White of Plane Sailing Games What’s it about? World War 1 has engulfed Europe. As it takes its toll on those involved letters fly back and forth between the soldiers and their loved ones. Over the course of the game, relationships are built and broken while the soldier faces the… Read more

  • Quick Review: The Wretched

    Who is it by? Chris Bisette of Loot the Room What’s it about? Dying alone in space. Heavily inspired by Alien and similar horror movies The Wretched positions you as the lone survivor of an attack by an alien entity you have, temporarily, managed to blast into space. With the clock ticking can you survive… Read more