• DresNoir 03 – More training

    The previous post covered the introduction of four new training programs, Cop, Wizard, Being and Spirit. It also alluded to a restructuring of the remaining trainings in order to associate each with different Verbs from those found in the core Technoir setting. Below is the new verb tables, grouped first by training and then secondly… Read more

  • DresNoir 02 – Training programs

    In Technoir training programs form the root of character attributes by allowing for the selection of verb. DresNoir takes the basic concept and then shakes things up a bit. First though we need to exchange the Hack verb for See. See is the supernatural equivalent of the Detect verb, allowing characters to utilise abilities such… Read more

  • DresNoir 01 – A Technoir hack

    Technoir is a rather nifty tabletop RPG created and published by Jeremy Keller (the site for the game can be found at http://www.technoirrpg.com ). The game, in brief, is a mash up of two genres, near future cyberpunk and gritty hardboiled / film noir investigation. It’s a game where nothing is as simple as it… Read more